Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Sunday

I'll be the first to admit that one of the hardest things for me about this whole learning/growing experience is that we've had to miss church on Christmas Sunday.  HOWEVER we have chosen to be positive and make special memories on this day. :)  Also, I'm being kind of detailed because this is really what we do every Sunday that we have to stay home and I want it recorded for my girls to remember.

We 'watched' church on and then watched Music and the Spoken Word.  It was so beautiful! And really brought a sweet spirit to our home. We even dressed in our Sunday clothes (okay the girls didn't really want to so I convinced them to put their dresses on over their pajamas) and did our hair.
After our 'sacrament meeting', we held primary.  Tessa was in charge of the music and we sang 'Once There Was a Snowman'.

Abby found a wonderful story in the January 2011 Friend called 'Can't We Be Friends' (not yet available online).  

Our Lesson was a cute activity I found in the Friend a few years ago about Nativity Figures and Facts. We read the facts and matched them with the pictures.  Then the girls wanted to put ornaments on the scripture tree
Each took turns taking pictures with the camera. :) 
(Tessa took the picture of Abby's hand and baby Jesus.  Abby took the other three pictures.)
  Tessa was only making silly faces - believe me, this was the best one of the two of us together (not necessarily the best one of me).

Lastly, we closed with this months song "Our Christmas Story Tree" found in the Friend Dec. 2010.

Now we are off to make lunch and our neighbor treats - although I am not sure when we will be delivering them with all of this beautiful snow that is currently falling.  The snow makes me just a little nervous about driving out to SLC on Dec. 22 for Abby's follow up appointment - 
but I am so excited for a White Christmas!!!


Marcie said...

You are such a good Mom Summer! Your family is full of so many wonderful memories! I love that picture of you!!!

JRasmussen said...

Love it, Summer! We will pray for dry roads on Wed...

Rachel said...

so glad things are going well! We just had rain here yesterday so hopefully it won't be too bad. Love you guys!

Haven said...

Thanks for some awesome Christmas FHE ideas!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

You're so amazing Summer!!! I hope Abby gets better soon! But it looks like you're all in good spirits! Hope your Christmas is MERRY! :)