Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Abby's appointment and an update on surgery.

Abby had an appointment at Primary Children's yesterday, December 19, 2011.

We have been concerned about a couple of things here at home.  Oxygen levels have been decreasing the last 6-8 weeks.  Abby has been really tired and frequently staying home from school due to being tired rather than sickness. All of this was more noticeable to us after seeing her so 'pink' and with so much energy and joy over the summer and beginning of the school year.  It has been so fun these last few months to watch her be enthused about life!  (and is heart wrenching to see her struggling again)

It is apparent that we will need to have her heart surgery sooner than later.  We talked about several options, but feel best about the following:  We will send her back to the cath lab and see if there is anything that we can do that will help her.  If there is, we will do it.  Hopefully, this will allow her to be 'healthier' and happier for the next  months or so and most importantly, keep her able to be going to school through this school year.

Then, (and this could change depending on what is determined from the cath lab)  we will schedule her  heart surgery for this summer.  All are in agreement that while it is not 'an emergency', it is time. (Frankly, I would rather not get to the 'emergency' stage thank you very much!) This should be the final surgery that Abby will need.  So, while it is indeed a 'big' deal - we are mostly feeling content and happy for our sweet Abigail to almost be done. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're on our way!

Okay, so there are a few posts missing here - like Abby's whole life! Most especially the one about how Abby had another appt. even scheduled.  :/  Also, how everything went the last few times, why we are here again, etc.
However - the good news for now is that Abby has done so well today that she is being discharged this evening!!! Yay! 
We will spend the night in SLC, and head home Fri. morning.  Hopefully there will be lots more here - SOON!
Here are the Facebook posts from today:
Wed. night:

Abby is having a cardiac cath on Thursday. Her appt. is for 8 am. An overnight stay is expected. We will update here as we are able. She'll do great!
12:00 pm today :
Abby is in the cath lab now and things are going quite well. Her pulmonary pressure has dropped to NORMAL levels since our last visit. (This is huge!) Several more collaterals have formed from her IVC to her liver so they are trying to block them off now.

She will be out in another hour or two and we plan on a completely uneventful night in the Cardiac ICU before going home.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!
1 pm today:
Abby is awake and doing great! Her procedure went really well. Hopefully I will update to her blog later on... but we just MIGHT be going home today and if so, then we'll be pretty busy. loves to all! Thank you for your thoughts, faith, and prayers!
6 pm today:
Being true to her normal amazing ways - Abby is getting discharged this evening! We'll be in SLC tonight and leave for home in the morning. :) We are so thrilled!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home! ... Again!

We are home! again!  Arrived home around 9pm.  Slept well until Abby woke us up at about 4:30 am with a fever and fast heart rate.  Headed to emergency room - just to be safe.  And she looks great.  She is on extra antibiotics to kick whatever her system may be fighting.  And now - to rest, sleep, and enjoy being home in our - 22 degree weather. ;)

Monday, January 31, 2011

She's awake!

Abby is awake and doing well. :) The procedure went very well. She will spend the night in the Cardiac icu and we will probably go home tomorrow! whew!

Update Cardio-cath Jan. 31, 2011

Abby has been in the cath lab for just over an hour and will be there another 1-2 hours. Please Pray for her body to tolerate the changes well so that this phase is successful. She will do great. Her favorite part of the day was getting to color on the dolls. One for her and one for Tessa - she loved getting to choose and make one for Tessa. She was really missing her sister today.

This picture was taken yesterday before Abby went in to her procedure.  She was missing her little sister, so she wanted to take a picture and show Tessa how brave she is. ;)

  We sent this picture to my sister's phone with this message from Abby to Tessa: "Hi Tessa. I love you and miss you! Have a great day playing with Aunt R and K! I made a doll for you. I miss you. You are my best friend."

I love sisters!

Thank you in advance for your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes! love you!

James, Summer, Abby, and Tessa

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Phase 2

   We are heading out to Salt Lake on Mon. January 31, 2011 for the next phase.  Abby will have a cardio-dath.  A cardio-cath is usually a same day procedure, but because we are the last appointment of the day and because of the nature of what is being done there is a good chance she will be admitted for overnight observation.
  During the procedure Dr. Grey will be blocking off the collateral vessel that has formed between her IVC and liver so that her blood will flow how it is supposed to, through her lungs instead of bypassing them.   He will also be blocking her pulmonary artery coming out of her heart. This will decrease blood pressure going into the lungs allowing additional blood flow to enter and boost her oxygen.  This means higher oxygen levels - yay!