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Cardiac Catheter 12 Jan 2012

Well HELLO there! We were thinking it might be time for an update. :)
Many of you have been contacting me to ask about Abigail.  And I am finally getting around to answering all of you at the same time. Yes, that is how I am.  

Riding a Ferris Wheel for the first
time at the State Fair in Montana.
The little daredevils!

Warning: picture overload.  The pictures are very random and from the last six months.  Enjoy. :)

Doesn't everyone dress up and change
clothes about 40 times a day?
Perfection, pure perfection!
From early November through December 19 (the day of Abby's appointment with her cardiologist), we noticed a steady decline in energy levels, oxygen levels, and an increase in emotional outbursts from Abby.  She was clearly not going to be able to wait much longer before doing something. She wasn't terribly blue, or sleeping all day or anything, but after seeing how well she has done for the last 6 months - the change was very noticeable to us.

San Diego Temple

While being monitored at the appointment, Abby had a tachycardia episode.  The most alarming part was that she didn't feel or notice anything for the almost full minute that her heart was racing.  The tech kept asking how her heart felt and if it was beating fast.  Abby would simply answer that she was fine with a big ol' grin and go back to talking and playing with Tessa.  Adjustments were made to her pacemaker so that we can recognize how often this is occurring.  Amazingly, science has brought us to a day and age where adjustments are made and her pacemaker records the information.  We can even send the recordings over the phone line to the hospital using devices at home.  I LOVE that we are not having to drive out there every month just to do a pacemaker check!
At the beach in San Diego

Cheerleaders for a day at the
High School Football Game
  No other episodes were noticed from Dec. 19, 2011- Jan. 12, 2012 by her pacemaker.  More adjustments were made on Jan. 12 as well to be more sensitive to such episodes and also to help her heart beat as fast as it should when the pacemaker senses greater movement - such as running or playing. Cool stuff, I tell ya.  Not only does her pacemaker help her heart from beating too slowly, it speeds up the heart beat in accordance with her level of movement, AND it records everything, AND we can send all of that memory remotely!

Sisterly love.
 As Abby's mom, I have rarely felt truly 'sorry for her'.  I know that may sound harsh.  But, I know that she accepted this mission in life.  I also know that Heavenly Father helps us through all things.  I have every confidence that she is given extra guardian angels to buoy her up and bless her in so many ways.  We have seen evidence of this in Abby's unique ability to bounce back, take really hard things in stride, and still keep up with her social - oops! did I say social? I meant um normal life. (Anyone who knows Abby more than her pretend shyness, knows that she is quite the social butterfly. ;]  )  This time, my heart just broke for her.  And I would cry with her.  

However, as one of my dear friends put very well,
"Abby has more courage in her little pinky than I have in my whole body."  

And that courage and Divine help did end up shining through.

My goodness, I love these girls!
We had some great conversations with her to help her process the memories which helped to ease her trepidation.  She also asked for a priesthood blessing.  I am so very thankful to James for being a worthy priesthood holder and blessing our home in so many ways!  I am also humbled that Abby has a testimony of priesthood power.

Halloween: a rainbow fairy princess
Temple Square
We also spoke with everyone we could at the hospital before her procedure concerning her uncanny ability to remember things that she was given medicine to forget.  A different medication was tried and - yay! - Abby woke up all smiles and also relieved that she didn't remember very much.  She still can not remember - and she is 'very thank Thee' that she doesn't remember everything.  (That is what she says instead of thankful in her prayers. We haven't corrected her. Too cute.)

Santa Claus sent The Grinch

Her cardio-cath went very well.  Three coils were placed in separate collaterals that had formed (or already existed before but were maybe smaller then).  Also, the pressures in her heart were looking really good.  That is wonderful because that means that she is pretty much ready for heart surgery.  (To avoid built up anxiety over the situation, we have opted to wait to tell Abby about her need for heart surgery until school ends.  We simply want her to enjoy her school year.  So please, be sensitive to her situation when talking to us.)  Abby will be having heart surgery this summer.

Someone could not sleep on
Christmas Eve. ;)
In normal Abby fashion, we were able to leave the hospital the same day as the procedure.  She always heals quickly and gets to go home sooner than planned.  She was so excited to be able to spend the night at her cousins house and play.  She thinks that it is very not fair that Tessa gets to go and play a whole day while she just has to go to the hospital.  My sister and her husband were very accommodating.   Although, I don't think any of us expected the very long and restless night that Abby ended up experiencing. Wow.
Look closely! All she
wanted for Christmas were 2
front teeth!  Oh.... and an
American Girl Doll. :)

 Now, it is one week later.  She is doing really well! Her entry locations have healed very nicely and the small bruises are almost gone.  She returned to school on Tuesday, and also participated in her dance class and tumbling this week. 

We smile when we see her, because we can tell that her oxygen levels are higher due to the beautiful pink coloring in her face. 
leaving the hospital after
the cardio cath on Jan. 12.
 Love it! 
 Life is good.

P.S. A HUGE thank you to {dear family} for watching Tessa, giving us a place to stay, and putting up with that sleepless night.  love you!

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