Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abby made it out of CICU and to her own room!
(afternoon of 6/21)
This morning they removed her external pacer leads and the large chest tube draining fluid from around her heart.  She was doing great and ready form her own room when we got the bad news that there wouldn't be a room available for her in the cardiac wing until tomorrow.  Fortunately, about a half hour later, the floor nurse called and said that a room was available and the CICU nurses decided that it would be Abby's (there was a little boy also waiting for a room in the cardiac unit, but they decided that it was more important for a girl to have a private bathroom), lucky her!  Upon arriving at room 3075 however, Abby was a bit disappointed that the TV was smaller than the one in ICU.....I think she's feeling more like herself.

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