Monday, June 25, 2012

No more chest tubes = happy, happy girl!

 Abby is doing awesome.  Her last chest tube was removed this morning and after a good nap, the girl does not want to stop moving! We just finished with a long walk downstairs to get ice cream and then all the way to the 4th floor to check out the skywalk that connects the hospitals.  She walked everywhere and was so excited to be out and about! We made her come back to rest a bit and she is NOT SO patiently waiting to be able to head back out and go to the play room. :) Just love it!

  All of the movement is helping with all of her body functions and appetite.  Especially with the happiness factor!  Having the last tube removed also showed us just how much it was impeding the deep breaths.  Her oxygen levels have just skyrocketed into the 90's.  Good stuff, I tell ya. Good stuff.

 There is nothin' like bubble gum ice cream to get two girls excited to get out and walk.  We stopped to eat our snack on an outside patio for recovering patients.  There were toys and a garden specially designed for positive outside interaction.  Awesome.  Abby's strongest desire was to see the skybridge that Tessa has been telling her about.  It connects the nearby Eye Center and UofU hospital to PCMC.  We have been taking Tessa there to run and run and run.  The girls both think that it is just so cool to be walking on an indoor bridge that has a beautiful view of much of Salt Lake City.

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