Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leaving the Cardio ICU!

Abby had a great night!  She slept so well that they actually had to wake her up each time they needed to medicate or check vitals, etc.  Her heart rate has relaxed to a normal sinus rhythm at about 80 bpm (which is excellent for her) and with this her sats are now steady in the high 80's-90% and we have weaned her back to 1 litre of oxygen.  The only meds she is on are pain meds, antibiotic, and Lasix (a diuretic to help keep the area around her heart and lungs free of fluid).  Yesterday they removed the PIC lines from her Atrium and right SVC.  Today they will remove the large chest tube that has been draining fluid from off her heart (she also has two small chest tubes, one draining fluid from around each lung, and will keep these in place for a few more days).  Soooooooo, this afternoon Abby will be transferred from CICU to her own room!  Since the first question she asked after coming out of surgery was 'when do I get my own room?,' this is obviously a big deal for her emotionally as well.  We are so very grateful for her progression during the last 24 hours.  Abby gets so nervous in the ICU with doctors and nurses constantly buzzing about, and this directly affects her heart rate, blood pressure, and sats, not to mention her mood.  We are excited for the healing that will take place in the next few days and anxious to see her running and playing again soon. Thank you to all for your thoughts, prayers, visits, and so much other support.

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